Title of the Project: Advancing Localization of the SDG16+ in Nepal

Background: The level of awareness about the SDGs has been continuously increasing in the country and in the Kavre district as well. Local governments and other actors are interested to work on the 2030 Agenda. The project will be good opportunity for them to enhance their knowledge and to integrate the SDGs in their local policies and the system. Development of SDGs Localization resource book and Human Rights National Action Plan are instrumental to localize human rights and justice system in the country. Recently, National Planning Commission produced a country report on the SDG16+

Local governments and political leaders are in pressure to adopt them in their municipalities. Ongoing project has already formed civil society working group in Kavre district. They can play very important role in oversight of the human rights, access to justice and entire development process and to hold government agencies and local government accountable. The ongoing project is successful to make aware about the idea of SDG16+ in the country and COVID 19 pandemic open eyes of the policy makers and development actors to work on keep peace and security and promote human and justice in society. Moreover, National Planning Commission is giving attention on the SDG16+, which is a good opportunity to intervene on this agenda.

The recently published SDG16+ report of National Planning Commission recommended ‘Prevent’, ‘Renew’, and ‘Involve’ as key actions, including violence prevention, respect human rights and gender equality, build safe inclusive and resilient human settlements, target the communities who are left behind or likely to be left behind, increase justice and legal empowerment, reduce corruption and to ensure accountable institutions.

So, the proposed project will help to keep all the service and justice delivery actors active and give opportunity to the civil society actors to continue their advocacy works. The activities and achievements made by the on-going project are indeed foundation for the proposed project. Proposed activities are carefully identified on the basis of learning and lesson of the ongoing project and feedback received from the local government officials.

Proposed duration of the project: 12 Months

Proposed project location (s): Kavre district, Panauti Muncipality and Bethanchok Rural Municipality

Proposed budget (in NPR): NPR 25,90,117 (22,000 US Dollar)

Purpose of the project:

To promote justice and human rights at local level


2.1       Objective 1: Increase civic engagement on SDG 16+

2.2       Objective 2: Promote human rights and justice-based approach


2.1      Objective 1: Increase civic engagement on SDG 16+

2.1.1    Organize meeting of SDG 16+ civil society working group district level

2.1.2    Organize policy dialogues on the issues of SDG16+ at national level (virtual/in-person)

2.1.3    Organize multi-stakeholder dialogue on access to justice at municipality level (In-person)

2.1.4    Organize capacity development workshop on the SDG16+ at province level (Virtual)

2.2      Objective 2: Promote human rights and justice-based approach

2.2.1    Organize workshop on human rights and justice-based approach to newly elected people’s representatives of district (in-person)

2.2.2    Build awareness on human rights and justice charter at ward level (In-person)

2.2.3    Review progress of human rights and justice charter at municipality level (In-person)

2.2.4    Organize Nepal Peoples Forum on SDG16+ at national level (hybrid)

Expected Achievements

  • 2 meetings of CSOs held in the district and they will come up with conclusion to take action for the realization of the SDG1+ in district.
  • 4 civil society dialogues organized on the prime issues related to the SDG16+.
  • 2 multi-stakeholder dialogues held at municipality level which will help to boost up access of justice at local level.
  • 30 persons trained on SDG 16+ at province level, who will engage with province governments to promote and realize the province level targets set by the province governments.
  • 30 officials of municipalities become trained on human rights and justice-based approach and they will try to integrate in local planning and programming processes.
  • 19 ward level awareness events held in two municipalities, which will help to increase awareness of local people about the importance of charters.
  • Progress on human rights and justice charter reviewed in 2 municipalities, which will create pressure to respective municipalities to take appropriate actions to implement the provisions of charters.
  • A national level event held on the SDG 16+, which will raise awareness about the issues and challenges connected to the SDG16+.

Expected Outcomes

  • After completion of the project, the engagement and participation of the civil society organizations and activists will be increased in the district on the issues of the SDG16+ including peace and security, access to justice, rule of law, good governance, media freedom, civil society development etc. Particularly, the project will contribute to institutionalize human and justice at local level.
  • The project will create pressure to the governments at all levels to address the issues and challenges related to localizing and realizing human rights and justice and to improve governance in the country. It is expected the project will help to advance the SDG16+ at local, province and national level.