Every human being aspires for happy, prosperous and dignified life. This is possible only through equitable, inclusive, just, resilient and sustainable development. Despite the numerous efforts, people of least developed countries are still suffering from poverty, hunger, inequality, insecurity and poor quality of life. On this background that National Campaign for Sustainable Development Nepal (NACASUD-Nepal) was established in 12 January 2017 (2073.09.28 BS). NACASUD-Nepal affirms its contribution to build on peaceful, just, equitable, inclusive, resilient and prosperous world. So, it works for peace, justice, human rights, democracy, governance and sustainable development.

NACASUD-Nepal is a non-profit making, voluntary, and non-partisan organization It is a collective platform of development professionals, civil society activists and persons involved in social movements. The general objective of the organization is to establish equality based social justice by safeguarding the values of democracy, human rights, justice and sustainability. NACASUD-Nepal aims to contribute in achieving SDGs at local level. NACASUD-Nepal is engaging with federal, province and local governments in the country. Moreover, it is engaging with Civil Society Major Groups, NGOs, UN Agencies, INGOs etc. on sustainable development agenda and other public issues. It wants to bridge people with local, national and global policies. NACASUD-Nepal is one of the initiators of Nepal Peoples Forum on Sustainable Development, which is the collective effort of civil society Major Groups and Stakeholders.